Introducing the new Azlon® Round Integral Wash Bottle

Designed with the integrity of your experiment in mind, the Azlon® Round Integral Wash Bottle features an integrally moulded inner tube which minimises the occurrence of contamination events.

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Designed to minimise contamination

We are proud to introduce the new Azlon® Round Integral Wash Bottle to the Azlon range. With this design you can be sure to dispense liquids in a safe and efficient manner with extra protection from contamination.

Traditional wash bottles consist of several components- a bottle, cap and inner tube.  The inner tube can be a source of contamination when re-filling as it is typically placed on a lab bench surface. The Azlon® Round Integral Wash Bottle has an integral inner straw that eliminates the need to place the inner tube down when refilling, minimising the risk of contamination.

In addition to minimising contamination, the Azlon® Round Integral Wash Bottle displays chemical names and key safety information in four European languages and also meets the latest requirements in European safety legislation - plus all of the regular features and benefits of this popular laboratory essential…

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