We are able to provide an extensive range of products with different types of certification. To take advantage of this service please select the relevant link below.

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DWK Life Sciences is aware of the increasing requirement to provide product certification for conformance, traceability and auditing purposes.

To help our customers with these regulatory requirements, we are able to provide an extensive range of products with different types of certification.

This certification includes specific volumetric calibration and conformity certification on volumetric flasks, measuring cylinders and pipettes, manufacturing batch trace certificates for glass media-lab bottles, beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks, technical specifications and conformity declarations, as well as other types of product specific certification.

Product specifications are available for all Azlon® items. These specify the appropriate acceptance criteria of numerical limits and ranges such as dimensions and indicates any regulatory standards that the product conforms to. In addition to this, batch certificates are available for Azlon Class A volumetric flasks.

Many of our Class A /AS glass products can be identified by a printed or laser etched batch code which can be used to download a batch certificate. The certificate gives the batch number, date of production and other relevant information on standards and conformity with international ISO standards and/or European and United States Pharmacopoeia. Pyrex® and MBL® Class A volumetric flasks are laser etched with an individual serial number allowing the flasks to be identified within a manufacturing batch for improved product traceability.

For sterile products in the Ramboldi® range, a certificate of sterility is also available.

Ramboldi®Certificate of Sterility

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ramboldi containers with graident overlay

Pyrex® Media Bottles

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media bottle certificates

Pyrex® Class A Cylinders

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pyrex class a cylinders

Pyrex® and MBL® Volumetric Flasks

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pyrex ukas calibration certificate

Azlon® Volumetric Flasks

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laboratory equipment

MBL® Class AS Pipettes

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mbl class as pipettes

Pyrex® Beakers

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pyrex beakers

Pyrex® Conical Flasks

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pyrex canoncal flask 1130-14d

Product Specifications

Product specifications are available to download from the DWK Life Sciences website at your convenience. Also encompassing a Certificate of Conformity, DWK Life Sciences product specification are lot specific and provide dimensional as well as regulatory information.

Product Specification

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Warranty Registrations

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