Pyrex® Conical graduated flasks are printed with a Trace Code so that the item can be traced back to the point of production.

With this service you can quickly and easily use the Trace Code to generate a batch certificate that details the date of production and compliance to ISO 1773 and DIN 12323 for the narrow neck graduated flasks, and ISO 24450 for the wide neck graduated flasks.

Simply key in the Trace Code shown on the product; which is located below the marking spot on the side of the flask. The format of the Trace code is either: the number 100 followed by a series of numbers, for example (10061379), or two letters followed by a series of numbers, for example (EF****).

On entering the Trace Code you will be asked to confirm the product reference. If you do not have this information click here to review our range of flasks.