Manipulation of Pyrex® borosilicate glass is what we do best. It can be transformed into countless shapes and sizes for any application.

At DWK Life Sciences your custom glass project will be managed through from specification, precision manufacture to a quality finish.

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Our skills and expertise are put to good use every day in the production of our standard portfolio of laboratory glass items. However, our craft is not confined to the laboratory, whatever your industry or application, from the production of one-off items for aviation to high volume special items for domestic use – no matter how challenging your requirement, if the component material is glass and the priority is quality, we can provide the solution.

Glass concepts brought to life

glass flower handmade


DWK Life Sciences currently employ glassblowers of varying age and skills; to train to become a full accomplished glassblower takes up to 10 years to learn the full range of skills and to be able to perform at the required speed whilst producing the highest quality. Our glassblowers always encourage a new challenge and are always receptive to developing new products.

glass lathe work

Lathe Work

For any product that is too large to manipulate by hand, DWK Life Sciences has numerous lathes of varying specifications and capabilities to process larger products. This can include items that require glass to have a wall thickness of up to 7mm, which is a heavy duty material and takes a highly skilled operator to fabricate a finished article.

quickfit glass joint

Shaping, Grinding and glass joints

DWK Life Sciences offers a full range of male and female ground glass joints within its standard catalogue, however sometimes a joint may need a longer tube or a specific bend or join in it, this is something that is a DWK Life Sciences specialty and has been produced on numerous occasions as well as grinding solid tube to a fine smooth finish.

glass moulding


DWK Life Sciences has the capabilities to offer hand moulding services, where a mould is made and the molten glass is blown into the mould to achieve its required shape. DWK Life Sciences use this particular method to produce some of their hollow stoppers and Quickfit® products on a regular basis.

glass baking in oven

Cutting and trimming

For any product that requires cutting to a specific size (generally tubing), there are different methods which can be used based on defined tolerances for the relevant products. Glass tubing can be cut using a cutting wheel and heat to score the glass and break it, or for more accurate specifications a water saw would be used. DWK Life Sciences has the capabilities to trim glass to specific size and angles, usually for applications which require a drip end finish.

Calibration and Printing

DWK Life Sciences has a UKAS ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory to ensure consistent results to the highest specifications and standards. Once calibrated it is possible for items to have graduations printed on them for accurate measurements. We calibrate a wide variety of vessels for use in many industries.

pyrex with enamel print

Screen Printing

DWK Life Sciences can screen print any logo or message on a glass product if the artwork is supplied, and once this is done, the product is annealed through one of our very powerful ovens so that the print is fired into the glass. Once the print is fired into the glass the logo will stay on the product until the day it is broken or replaced.

glass bore tubing

Precision Bore tubing

At DWK Life Sciences we also have the skill and the equipment to produce precision bore glass tubing for applications where a very tight internal diameter tolerance is required. Standard Pyrex® tubing is specially selected before being heat shrunk on exceptionally accurate mandrels to give an ultra-high precision bore.

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