Tubular glass vials and dropper pipettes are a fundamental part of who DWK Life Sciences is.

At DWK Life Sciences your custom tubular glass project will be managed through from specification, precision manufacture to a quality finish packaged as you require.

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Our skills and expertise are put to good use every day in the production of our standard portfolio vials and dropper pipettes. At DWK Life Sciences we have extensive production capabilities and years of manufacturing expertise in the manipulation of tubular glass items with varying degrees of dimensional control.

Our production facility in the UK features a controlled packaging environment in a Class 10,000 clean room with specialist post-processing capping, labelling and filling capabilities.

When combining our products with our diverse offering of Premium Services, DWK Life Sciences is your single source partner of customised tubular glass products meeting your specific needs.

Tubular Glass Capabilities

Bespoke Primary Packaging solutions

We offer a wide variety of tubular glass items ready to use in your application.

tubular glass vials

Tubular glass vials

A broad range of vial geometries, quality levels and neck finishes enable us to tailor the primary packaging solution to your specific needs. All DWK Life Sciences vials are manufactured and packed in a ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified production facility.

Calling on decades of experience we can manufacture vials with a wide range of dimensional limits outlined in the table below.

premium glass vials

Premium Services

In addition to DWK Life Sciences’s extensive packaging offering, we also offer customised Premium Services allowing us to meet you specific needs. We offer a wide range of premium services which can be part of your project – from barcoding and tare weighing to depyrogenation, surface treatments and custom packaging. Our Goal is to provide the right solution to your daily packaging challenges

Glass Dropper pipettes and Assemblies

Available in a wide variety of dimensions types, the DWK Life Sciences glass dropper portfolio and custom capabilities provides the diversity required to meet your needs. Manufactured from soda-lime or Borosilicate glass, the range of dropper pipettes is at the heart of our production facility.

Min (mm) Max (mm)
Tube OD 4.5 9.75
Length 25 100

SLW Manufacturing Dimensional Limits (Vials)

Our products are manufactured to tight tolerances to deliver reliable quality, minimising defects and risk for your product.

Following manufacture we offer a broad range of premium services to deliver a tubular glass vial manufactured to your specification.

Min (mm) Max (mm)
Tube OD 14 28
Length 35 110

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