Primary packaging manufacturing and post processing experts

High quality products and services for the pharma, life sciences, in-vitro diagnostics and personal care markets

DWK Life Sciences manufacture and supply high quality glass and plastic primary packaging solutions, from glass vials and glass dropper pipettes, to glass and plastic bottles, all used extensively in the pharma, life sciences, in-vitro diagnostics and personal care markets.

Our expertise includes a wide range of post processing services, from particulate cleaning, depyrogenation and sterilisation, to provide our customer with Ready To Use (RTU) primary packaging products. Barcoding and tare weighing are also available, ensuring trace and trackability of samples through workflow processes.

Our Primary Packaging Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing capabilities provide a wide range of primary packaging solutions including comprehensive ranges of:

  • Tubular Glassware
  • Moulded Glassware
  • Moulded Plasticware
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glass pharma product range

Tubular Glassware

tubular glassware range
  • Injection, Threaded, Ampoules
  • Parenteral, Diagnostic
  • Type Ia/Ib (Boro 3.3 / 5.1) & Type III (Soda)
  • EP 3.2.1 / USP <660>
  • Catalogue, Custom, RtU Configurations

Moulded Glassware

moulded glassware range
  • Injection, Media, General, Jars
  • Parenteral, API, Bulk Intermediates
  • Type Ia (Boro 3.3), Type III (Soda)
  • EP 3.2.1 / USP <660>
  • Catalogue, Custom, RtU Configurations

Moulded Plasticware

moulded plasticware range
  • Leak Proof bottles, Elite Packaging Vials, Rounds
  • Parenteral, Diagnostic, Ophthalmic, Solid Dose
  • Catalogue, Custom, RtU Configurations

Why DWK Life Sciences?

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Global Primary Packaging Manufacturing Footprint

Our manufacturing capabilities are located at multiple sites across the world in North America and Europe.

This includes pharma glass vial manufacturing locations in the USA, United Kingdom and Germany, as well as additional sites across the group, ensuring our customers benefit from a resilient global supply chain with multiple manufacturing options.

End-to-End Process Support


API Prodution

Commercial Manufacturing

Our primary packaging solutions are designed to be used across all stages of the pharma and life sciences sectors.

From certified sterile glass bottles for compliant handling and storing of APIs during production, to a range of glass vials and dropper pipettes to support drug discovery development work through to commercialisation, our products are here to support your innovations.

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Commitment to Quality in Primary Packaging Manufacturing

Management and staff at DWK Life Sciences are dedicated to the principle of never ending improvements in product quality, reliability & customer service excellence.

Our principal aim is to always supply to our customers first-class quality, reliable general laboratory and diagnostic glassware & plastic wares, along with professional calibration services. This will be accompanied with unrivalled levels of customer service that conform exactly to stated, agreed specifications, order requirements and any other underpinning relevant statutory or regulatory requirements.

Product Innovation

Our commitment to innovation in our manufacturing output continues to drive new primary packaging solutions aimed at the global pharma, life sciences, in-vitro diagnostics and personal care markets.

duran pure glass bottle


DURAN® Pure is a range of high-quality Type 1 glass bottles and closures developed for GMP manufacturing requirements in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

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WHEATON® COMPLETEPAK provides ready-to-use vials, stoppers and seals all in one kit, enabling direct filling during research and drug discovery.

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