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  1. Academic products
    Our products find their way into many chemistry and biology departments, helping educators achieve their goa...
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  2. Pharmaceutical products
    DWK Life Sciences offers a range of products designed for the pharmaceutical research laboratory. From sampl...
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  3. Industrial products
    DWK Life Sciences we are committed to providing high-quality products which find applications in a wide rang...
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  4. Food & Beverage products
    Food & Beverage
    Many of DWK Life Sciences’s reusable plastic products are approved for food contact applications conformin...
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  5. Clinical products
    DWK Life Sciences offers a range of products specifically designed for the clinical laboratory, offering a c...
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DWK Life Sciences is one the world's leading manufacturers of Laboratory glass and plasticware, specialising in a broad range of resusable, disposable and specialty packaging products used in many scientific markets.

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