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SciLabware offer an extensive range of adapters in the Quickfit® range, that allow the construction of a wide variety of assemblies for organic chemistry applications. These adapters are a simple, safe and secure alternative to using rubber bungs and glass and rubber tubing to connect pieces of glassware together. Manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass, Quickfit® adapters are highly resistant to chemical attack and are suitable to be used over a wide temperature range. The Quickfit® adapter range includes reduction and expansion adapters, stopcock adapters, multiple neck adapters, straight and bent receivers and many more. The accuracy and super-fine surface finish of Quickfit® ground glass joints ensures that the adapter joints provide an exceptionally good seal resulting in joints that are leak-free and are gas and vacuum tight. Quickfit® adapters are available in a range of different joint sizes allowing you to choose the right joint size to fit your glassware.

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