Individually calibrated one mark pipettes

Calibrated to the highest Class A accuracy, these one mark pipettes are marked with a serial number and supplied with an individual calibration certificate.

  • Complies with ISO 648 and DIN 12691
  • Calibrated for delivery with +5s waiting time
  • Each pipette coded with individual serial number
  • Supplied with calibration certificate which allows traceability to National Standards
  • Markings in permanent amber stain which are fused into the glass ensuring highest resistance to aggressive cleaning solutions
  • Manufactured from soda-lime glass with tooled jets for extra strength and to ensure correct outflow times

Product Specification

Grouped product items
Item Code Delivery time seconds Capacity ml Pack quantity
PRA740ASWC 7-11 1 2
PRA742ASWC 7-11 2 2
PRA744ASWC 9-13 5 2
PRA746ASWC 11-15 10 2
PRA748ASWC 12-16 15 2
PRA750ASWC 12-16 20 2
PRA752ASWC 15-20 25 2
PRA754ASWC 20-25 50 2
PRA756ASWC 25-30 100 2

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