Glass Case Study

Glass Case Study

Glass Case Study

DWK Life Sciences Technician Workshops – How to maximise the performance of your glassware

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DWK Life Sciences received a number of requests from school and college laboratory technicians seeking assistance on how to optimise the performance of their glassware and how to ensure they receive maximum value for money. Not all glassware is the same, so at a time of increasing pressure on school budgets, it is more important than ever to ensure that the glassware schools buy for their students is up to the job and will remain so. Many technicians were unclear on the different types of glass and their properties, and wanted to understand how they could improve the longevity of their glassware through better care and cleaning techniques.

The Solution

In order to address the questions the technicians wanted answering, DWK Life Sciences decided to run a series of technician’s workshops. These workshops are open to any school or college technicians wishing to attend, and are held at a school or central location where a number of technicians from different schools can come together.

Among the topics covered in the workshop are:

  • Different glass manufacturing processes and how these affect the properties and uses of laboratory glassware.
  • Why not all glass is the same and ensuring you choose the right glass for your requirements.
  • Why buying better quality glassware will save money in the long term.
  • Effective methods of cleaning and maintaining glassware.

The Results

During the workshops, many of the attendees commented that they had gained a much better understanding of glass and qualities they should look for when choosing glassware for their school. They were also pleased that we were able to give them tips on cleaning glassware, such as do not use domestic dishwasher tablets to clean laboratory glassware as these will abrade the surface of the glass, that they would be able to use to improve the longevity of their glassware. Some also agreed that is was sometimes a false economy to buy lower cost glassware, commenting that ‘they didn’t have to replace Pyrex® glassware as often as lower cost brands'.

Among the schools and colleges that have already benefitted from attending our technician workshops are:

  • Skipton Girls’ High School
  • Abbeyfield School, Chippenham
  • Broadlands Academy, Bristol
  • Queen Elizabeth’s School, Wimborne Minster
  • Worthing College

DWK Life Sciences continue to run these workshops. For more information, or to arrange a workshop, please click here, or visit the CLEAPPS website

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