DWK Life Sciences launches plastic bottle user survey



8th February, 2021

DWK Life Sciences has launched a customer survey to gather feedback on the use of scientific plastic bottles across key laboratory and industry settings.

The feedback will be used by the company to improve its existing product range and shape future plastic bottle development.

Those who complete the survey also stand the chance to win a £35 Amazon gift voucher (or equivalent currency value) if they opt to be included in a prize draw upon completion of the survey.


Take the Survey Here


About the Plastic User Bottle Survey

The short survey, which can be completed online in approximately five minutes, covers a range of topics including typical customer applications, preferred bottle material and size, as well as input on the importance of other factors such as required accreditations and supply chain carbon footprint.

If you are a user of either DWK Life Sciences’ Azlon® plastic bottle range, or bottles from any other manufacturer or brand, you can share your feedback and help to shape the development of this key product range.

Rachel Adams, product manager at DWK Life Sciences, said: “As we continue to develop our range of plastic bottles, we want to ensure we gather as much feedback as possible from the people using this key product as part of their everyday working lives.

“Understanding the features they value most will be at the forefront of both improvements to our current product range and its longer term development.

“DWK Life Sciences is committed to providing excellence in the hands of those using our products and the input of users will help us to ensure this remains the case across our plastic bottle range.”