Vaccine development and manufacturing supplies from DWK Life Sciences

Vaccine development and manufacturing supplies from DWK Life Sciences

Today, Together for Tomorrow

From the discovery of the first vaccine at the end of the 18th century to the modern vaccine research of today, scientists and physicians have made a quantum leap in this critical area of public health. Severe and often fatal infectious diseases such as poliomyelitis or smallpox have been greatly reduced or even completely eradicated.

However, despite such great scientific achievements, our society is constantly confronted with new infectious diseases for which there are still no effective vaccinations available, such as HIV or Ebola.

In addition to these, new viral mutations and other diseases such as Covid-19 pose novel challenges to science and our society every day.

There is still a long way to go and we can only win this battle together.

Vaccine manufacturing and bio-processing support from DWK Life Sciences

From scientific research and technical applications to storage and packaging solutions, the world’s laboratories rely on DWK Life Sciences for the most comprehensive range of precision labware available.

Our catalogue of glassware, plasticware and specialty products reflects our commitment to premium quality and ongoing innovations that can help to advance today’s scientific research.

The experience we’ve gained over our 130 year history has created levels of expertise trusted by our customers and distributors worldwide.

We understand the challenges you face – from demands for accuracy to pressures around speed-to-market – and strive to ensure you get the right product, where and when you need it.

Vaccine manufacturing supplies for all stages of the workflow

With this in mind we have produced a new brochure focused entirely on bio-processing and vaccine manufacturing applications.

The brochure is designed to make it as easy as possible to find the right products to support you at all stages of the workflow and features items grouped into three stages.

1. Sample Collection and Diagnosis

We supply sterile and non-sterile high-quality plastic products that meet the different requirements in the field of sample collection and diagnostics. For example, we offer sample containers that are IATA 95 kPa compliant supporting the requirements of the World Health Organisation and national health authorities for handling and transporting biological substances (UN 3373, Category B, packaging instruction P 650).

2. Research and Development

We provide basic cell culture products as well as specialized solutions to support pre-clinical vaccine research, stability studies and more. For example, our CELLine™ Bioreactor Flask is a multi-harvest device that helps teams produce higher yields at greater speeds and reduced costs during the research and development stage. We also provide a range of bottles, flasks and vials to support cell culture requirements.

3. Production and Packaging

We also provide full-scale production and pharmaceutical packaging. This includes custom-tailored products and premium service offerings, such as special cleaning and sterilization, allowing you to focus on the essentials of your work. DURAN® PURE, for example, is a range of high-quality bottles and closures developed for the requirements of Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) manufacturing in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.


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