Glass pipette and dropper assembly primary packaging and production capabilities

High quality pipette manufacturing for the life science and personal care markets.

DWK Life Sciences is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tubular glass primary packaging dispensing solutions. Our dropper bottles & assemblies are used in the diagnostic, homeopathy and personal care sectors across the globe.

We offer a range of glass dropper pipettes, from standard catalogue items to customised bespoke primary packaging solutions, utilising our extensive manufacturing and development capabilities.

DWK continues to execute its global growth plan which includes the ongoing development of our dropper bottles, dropper assemblies and pipettes portfolio.

Our Dropper Bottles, Assemblies & Pipettes Portfolio

IVD Dropper Bottles
IVD Dropper Bottles & Assemblies
homeopathy dropper bottles
Homeopathy Dropper Bottles and Assemblies
customised dropper bottles
Anodised Cap Custom Dropper Assemblies
tubular dropper pipettes clear glass
Tubular Glass Pipette Tip Options
Vial Material Type I Clear Borosilicate Type I Amber Borosilicate - -
Pipette Material Type I Clear Borosilicate Type III Clear Soda Type I Clear Borosilicate Type III Clear Soda Type I Clear Borosilicate Type III Clear Soda
Neck Finish 14mm & 18mm GL18 20-415 Choice of Coloured Anodised Cap -
Pipette Tip Types Bent Tooled (F16)
Straight Tooled (F17)
Bent Ball (F19) Round (F8)
Bent Tooled (F16)
Straight Tooled (F17)
Straight Ball (F18)
Bent Ball (F19)
Round (F8)
Bent Tooled (F16)
Straight Tooled (F17)
Straight Ball (F18)
Bent Ball (F19)
Bottle Size 3ml, 4.5ml, 7ml & 10ml 10ml – 20ml - -
Pipette Controlled Drop Size 40 – 50µl / 45-55µl Custom Custom -
Application Diagnostic Blood Grouping Reagent Dispensing Homeopathy Dispensing Personal Care (e.g. Oils, Serums, Foundations) Custom Glass Pipette Dispensing Applications

Why DWK Life Sciences?

glass pipette manufacturing

Glass Dropper Pipette Manufacturing Process

DWK Life Sciences provides complete glass dropper pipette manufacturing capabilities based on a developed process at our UK production facility.

Rigorous quality standards are applied throughout the process to ensure a high-quality product for the markets we serve.

Tubular glass cane converting process

DWK Life Sciences cuts raw material tubular glass cane in-house into pre-cut lengths to defined customer specifications, before forming the pipette flange and required pipette tip type.

tubular glass cane process
type of glass dropper pipette ends

Dropper Pipette Properties

DWK Life Sciences manufacturers a variety of glass dropper pipette tip types from Soda Lime or Borosilicate tubing, coupled with bulb and cap options, to offer controlled drop size assemblies.

Pipettes are manufactured to set diameter tubing, including 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 6.25mm and 7.25mm.

Pipettes can be manufactured from 25mm to 100mm long.

Custom pipette manufacturing is available from 100,000 pieces.

Automated Dropper Assembly Capabilities

DWK Life Sciences can provide complete dropper assemblies, which when used with our tubular glass dropper bottles, form a full primary packaging dispensing solution.

The rubber bulbs, dropper caps and pipettes are connected together using our Automated Dropper Assembly Machine, which is housed in a designated production environment and provides large scale dropper assembly capabilities in house.

automated dropper assemblies

Customer Support

DWK Life Sciences supports your critical workflows by providing custom glass dropper pipette design and manufacturing through to primary packaging dispensing solutions and final secondary packaging options.

Custom Design & Manufacturing

  • Variety of F-Type Pipette Ends available
  • Pipette lengths to suit customer requirements
  • Different tubing diameters and lengths available

Primary Packaging Dispensing Solutions

  • Automated Dropper Assembly Machine for large scale production
  • Tubular glass vials for complete primary packaging solution
  • Controlled drop size for accurate dispensing

Secondary Packaging Options

  • Ready-to-use Processing Services including sterilization
  • Flexible packaging formats to customer requirements
  • Inventory reserve and consignment