Tubular glass vial primary packaging and production capabilities

High quality vial manufacturing for the pharmaceutical and life sciences markets.

DWK Life Sciences is a global manufacturer of tubular glass primary packaging vials with converting capabilities in the United Kingdom, Germany and the USA.

Our pharma grade, high capacity operations are capable of producing glass vials to ISO standards for a range of requirements, from in-vitro diagnostic packaging to parenteral applications.

Manufactured using Type 1 Borosilicate glass our vials have great chemical resistance making them ideal for use with sensitive liquids. As a manufacturer of glass vials, quality is a top priority at DWK Life Sciences with all our vials manufactured to standards required by pharmaceutical and life science sectors.

DWK continues to execute its global growth plan which includes capacity expansions and capability enhancements designed to meet growing demand.

Our Tubular Glass Vial Portfolio

clear glass vials, injection vials
Injection Vials
diagnostic vial range
Diagnostic Screw Threading Vials
high recovery glass vials range
High Recovery
various sized roll neck vials
Materials Type I Borosilicate Type I Borosilicate Type I Borosilicate Type I Borosilicate
Body Styles Clear & Amber Clear & Amber Clear & Amber Clear & Amber
Neck Finish ISO / GPI Crimp Threaded Crimp, Threaded Snap Cap, Rollneck
Standards ISO 8362-1 ISO 11418-7 EP 3.2.1 / USP <660> Custom
Sizes 2ml – 40ml 2ml – 40ml 0.1ml – 20ml 2ml – 40ml
Other Available with EU, US & No Blowback. Freeze dry base Controlled inner bore for lyophilization stoppers. Freeze dry base Conical Interior Snap, Tamper Evident, Pump Closure
Application Parenteral Packaging Assay Control & Reagent Packaging High Value Content Recovery Content Protection, Nasal Spray

Why choose DWK Life Sciences glass vials?

pharmaceutical glass vial quality standard

Glass Vial Manufacturing Standards

DWK glass vials are produced according to industry standards (DIN vials) or according to customer specifications. The entire glass vial manufacturing process takes place in environmentally controlled areas certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in relation to primary packaging.

For all glass vials we can offer the following quality level:

  • Production according to cGMP
  • Statistical in process-control
  • Customized AQL levels for dimensions and cosmetic aspects
  • Packaging in clean room class 8 according to ISO 14644-1
  • Vials that meet material conformity guidelines defined by USP <660>, EP 3.2.1, JP for glass surface, surface etching, grains ensuring

Glass Vial Manufacturing Process

DWK Life Sciences tubular glass vials are manufactured using a state-of-the-art process, delivering dimensional, cosmetic, chemical & temperature resistant vials in line with conformity guidelines defined by USP <660>, EP 3.2.1, JP.

  1. Tubular Cane Touchless Loading
  2. EP/USP/ISO Forming
  3. Outer Dimension Inspection
  4. Inner Dimension Inspection
  5. Surface Quality Annealing
  6. Cosmetic Inspection
  7. Class 8 Clean Room Robotic Packing
  8. Pharma Vial

Glass Vial Properties

The output of DWK’s vial manufacturing process, is glass vials that meet the highest standards required for the packaging of sensitive biologics, vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

glass vial dimensional information
glass vials for cosmetic applications
glass vial chemical resistance
Chemical Resistance
glass vial temperature resistance
Temperature Resistance
Precise Geometries Excellent Visual Appearance Minimal Drug Container High Resistance to Thermal Shock
ISO & GPI Standards 100% Camera Inspection Hydrolytic Resistance Excellent Low Coefficient of Expansion
Outer & Inner Inspection Every Vial Extractable & Leachable Profiles Durability

Customer Support for Glass Vials

DWK Life Sciences supports your critical workflows from glass vial selection and qualification, through conformance and compliance auditing, through to vial manufacturing on a commercial scale with post processing services including particulate cleaning, depyrogenation and sterlisation.

Packaging Solutions

  • Customer Workflow Evaluation
  • Performance & Compatibility
  • Drawings & Samples

Regulatory Support

  • Entity Audits
  • COA
  • LOA for DMF

Commercial Manufacturing

  • Ready-to-Use Processing Services
  • Flexible Packaging Formats
  • Inventory Reserve & Consignment

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Manufacturing and Post Processing Capabilities

Our manufacturing capabilities deliver primary packaging solutions across tubular glassware, moulded glassware and moulded plasticware ranges

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Dropper Bottles, Assemblies and Pipettes

DWK's Dropper Pipettes, Bottles and Assemblies are perfect for IVD Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical and Homeopathy applications

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coloured pipettes from birds eye view

Quality Assurance

Find out how we support Pharma & Biotech companies with supply of quality packaging solutions for your products

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pharmaceutical viles

Premium Services

From barcoding and tare weighing to depyrogenation, our post-processing premium services provide the right solution to your daily production and packaging challenges by providing Ready to Use products

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