Quality Assured Primary Packaging

Ensuring product compliance for pharmaceutical, life sciences and personal care markets.

DWK Life Sciences is committed to manufacturing primary packaging solutions that achieve all required quality standards.

DWK Life Sciences is committed to manufacturing primary packaging solutions that achieve all the required quality standards for pharmaceutical, life sciences and personal care industries. Primary packaging is integral to the product contained within, therefore ensuring maximum quality and compliance with manufacturing standards is essential.

Our global manufacturing sites hold a range of accreditations, including ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in relation to primary packaging manufacturing.

DWK Life Sciences also operates a global Quality Management System (QMS). Management and staff are dedicated to the principle of ongoing improvements in product quality, reliability & customer service excellence.

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Why DWK Life Sciences?

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Robotic Tube Loading

Automated tube loaders eliminate glass-to-glass contact and maintain continuous operation. This approach also improves process control and quality standards by ensuring tubing is loaded in a reliable way without the need for human contact.

Outer / Inner Dimensional Camera Inspection

High-speed digital camera systems provide 100% quality control monitoring of product dimensions. This enables complete statistical analysis of each individual vial, ensuring defects are automatically rejected and final products are manufactured to exact specifications.

Primary packaging quality check camera inspection
surface quality annealing

Surface Quality Annealing

Annealing ovens ensure a consistent temperature is maintained by providing an automatic control of the thermal cycle. This eliminates the impact of stress on the glass vials, ensuring a high-quality product is manufactured.

Cosmetic Camera Inspection

Inline cosmetic camera inspection takes place between the annealing oven and the packing unit to ensure industry leading quality assurance by eliminating the most critical defects, including contamination, scratches, deformations, bubbles, pressure marks, airlines, chips and cracks.

primary packaging regulations cosmetic camera inspection
primary packaging packing in ISO class 8 clean room

Robotic Packing in ISO Class 8 Clean Room

Robotic packing eliminates cosmetic defects from glass-to-glass contact and completes an automated end-to-end process designed to ensure industry leading quality assurance and reliability without the need for human contact. Final product is immediately shrink wrapped to maximise cleanliness in line with ISO Class 8 clean room standards.

Quality Sign-Off

Following the completion of the automated vial converting process, manufactured product is assessed by a dedicated quality team to ensure compliance with all relevant quality standards, accreditations and customer specifications prior to final approval.

human quality inspection for sign off
primary packaging regulatory support

Regulatory Support

As part of our Quality Management System (QMS), our dedicated quality team is available to provide customers with ongoing support for all regulatory requirements, including certification, product specifications, material datasheets and online or in-house customer audits.