DWK Life Sciences are a leading supplier of high-quality primary packaging solutions to Pharma and Biotech customers all over the world.

Our high quality glass and plastic packaging products meet the rigorous standards required by the pharmaceutical and biotech industries contributing to our customers’ successes

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Supporting the global pharmaceutical industry with high-quality packaging solutions

There are three types of pharmaceutical packaging - primary, secondary and tertiary. At DWK Life Sciences, we specialise in the supply of primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. Primary packaging refers to any packaging or packaging component (such as the container or liner) which will, or may, come into contact with product contents. Visit our primary packaging page for more detailed information on the application of primary packaging.

Importantly, our packaging service meets and exceeds the rigorous requirements and expectations of our pharmaceutical customers, responsible for producing and packaging in vitro diagnostic and life science reagents to compounding parenteral pharmaceuticals.

Why choose DWK Life Sciences as your pharmaceutical packaging supplier?

DWK Life Sciences manufactures an intensive flexible product offering for the pharmaceutical primary packaging sector and also has the ability to supply ready-to-use pharmaceutical primary packaging solutions through our premium service capabilities. Capabilities consist of depyrogenation, sterilisation, surface treatments, barcoding and tare weighing, and particulate cleaning.

In addition, if ready-to-use 'off the shelf' products are required, select our ready-to-use Complete PAK range of vials stoppers and seals to save valuable time, allowing technicians to focus on their core competencies.

DWK Life Sciences has been supporting the pharma industry for decades

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DWK Life Sciences offers a wide range of custom manufacturing services, if you cannot find what you’re looking for or have specific design requirements, please visit our Custom page and start your enquiry.