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Our focus is to design and develop complete solutions to the daily challenges in life science, diagnostics and pharmaceutical packaging markets.

DWK Life Sciences is a leader and developer of innovative primary packaging solutions, committed to meeting the changing needs of market leading companies in the life science, diagnostics and pharmaceutical sectors across the globe, from drug development through to commercialisation.

As your single source supply partner, we offer exceptional customer service coupled with a wide range of customised services allowing us to meet your specific needs. In addition to DWK Life Sciences’s extensive packaging offering, we also offer customised Premium Services allowing us to meet your specific needs. From barcoding and tare weighing to depyrogenation to custom packaging, our goal is to provide the right solution to your daily packaging challenges.

We offer a wide variety of premium services to complement our Primary packaging products to meet your every need.

open Depyrogenation unit


DWK Life Sciences can deliver glass containers and accessories with endotoxin levels of less than 0.06 EU/mL with full documentation and certification. Our depyrogenation techniques include dry heat treatment to destroy the pyrogens and multiple WFI rinses to remove the pyrogens.

Receiving the product depyrogenated, ready to sterilise you save time and money vs processing in-house. We can depyrogenate glass or rubber products using dry heat or multiple WFI rinses and we process small and large volume containers all supplied with full documentation and certification.



DWK Life Sciences can produce product to an acceptable Sterility Assurance Level (SAL). Typically a SAL of 10-6 is required; with the probability of a non-sterile unit being less than one in a million. Sterilisation techniques are available for a wide range of different material compositions and include, autoclave, irradiation (Gamma) and EtO.

Barcoding and Tare weighing

DWK Life Sciences can customise a barcode and tare weighing solution to meet any application. It is critical that barcodes are read correctly every time, remain adhered to the container and are durable enough to withstand severe environments. DWK Life Sciences’s premium services can provide you with pre-weighed containers meeting the highest expectations in convenience. Our tare weighing services can ensure that the amount of material in the container will be accurately measured every time.

Utilising our barcoding and tare weighing services, customers can increase productivity by freeing up time spent weighing and barcoding in house, and additionally reduce valuable laboratory space devoted to weighing and barcoding projects.

  • Sequence management ensures no duplicate barcodes
  • Custom alpha/numeric barcode sequencing available to fit your application
  • Choice symbologies: Code 39 and 128, 2D Matrix Code, QR Code, Interleaved 2 of 5
  • Label types include pressure sensitive, ceramic or direct mark
particulate cleaning of laboratory products

Particulate Cleaning

DWK Life Sciences can deliver primary packaging components and labware, particulate cleaned and validated to meet the allowable particulate limits according to USP.

We use USP or WFI purified water, HEPA filtered and package items in certified class 100/10 cleanrooms to remove trace organics, trace inorganics, volatile organics and organic carbon residues.

  • All products are available with a choice of certification
  • Particulate cleaning
  • Particulate cleaning with final WFI Rinse
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Process
  • IPA Wash
  • HCl wash
vial surface treatment

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment refers to a process by which the entire surface of inside a container is deactivated via silanisation or siliconisation. The coating provides a protective barrier between the contents and the glass, eliminating active sites on the glass that could potentially react with its contents. DWK Life Sciences also has the ability to provide ammonium sulphate treated glass which protects against aqueous products that can react with alkali metal ions that are found in glass.

  • Minimise the interactions between the product and container
  • Siliconisation ensures higher restitution rate down to the last drop
  • Silanisation lubricates the vial and protects against alkalisation
vials in custom packaging

Custom Packaging

DWK Life Sciences can provide bespoke customised packaging exactly to your chosen specification, as well as providing solutions to suit products utilising one of our many premium services from printing to labelling.

  • Custom pack sizes
  • Individual flow wrapping
  • Printing of containers and vials
  • Labelling of containers and vials
  • Individual or multi-unit clean room bags
  • Single or double bagged
  • Anti-static tray packed with shrink-wrap

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