Beakers & Jugs
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  1. Low Form Beakers products
    Low Form Beakers
    Our low form beakers are available in both Pyrex® borosilicate glass, polypropylene and PMP. Complying ...
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  2. Stackable beakers products
    Stackable beakers
    Our stackable, polypropylene beakers are available with moulded graduations for longevity or printed graduat...
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  3. Tall Form Beakers products
    Tall Form Beakers
    Also known as Berzelius beakers, tall form beakers are suitable for use in a range of laboratory application...
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  4. Jugs products
    Our polypropylene jugs have an ergonomically designed handle and are available with moulded graduations for ...
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The benefits of using our beakers & jugs

Our beakers and jugs are manufactured to the highest standards ensuring uniform wall thickness for added safety and protection. For increased durability and ultimate reliability, the Pyrex® heavy duty range is produced with reinforced walls and rims. Many items are suitable for food contact applications in accordance with EU and US FDA regulations.

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