Tall Form Beakers
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  1. Pyrex®Beaker, tall form, Berzelius
    Pyrex®Beaker, tall form, Berzelius
    Also known as Berzelius beakers, tall form beakers are suitable for use in a range of laboratory applications...
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  2. Pyrex® Beakers, tall form, Berzelius, heavy duty
    Pyrex® Beakers, tall form, Berzelius, heavy duty
    Designed to provide optimum mechanical strength under the most demanding laboratory conditions, these heavy d...
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  3. Azlon® PTFE beaker
    Azlon® PTFE beaker
    Comprised of USP class VI grade PTFE, Azlon® PTFE beakers are resistant to most chemicals and are even s...
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The benefits of using our Tall Form Beakers

Pyrex® borosilicate glass tall form beakers are manufactured to the highest standards and are available in both standard and heavy duty versions. Standard wall Pyrex® tall form beakers comply with the requirements of ISO 3819 and DIN 12331 and have a uniform wall thickness and flat base. Heavy duty beakers are designed for a longer life and increased user safety and are mechanically stronger than standard wall beakers, as they use up to 25% more glass than a standard beaker. Pyrex® tall form beakers have thicker walls and bases and reinforced rims and spouts, ensuring good thermal endurance characteristics and improved resistance to thermal shock. Both standard wall and heavy duty tall form beakers are printed with a batch code for complete traceability. A batch certificate can be downloaded from the SciLabware web site for traceability purposes.

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