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  1. Aspirators & Carboys products
    Aspirators & Carboys
    Our aspirators & carboys are available in both Pyrex® borosilicate glass and a variety of plastic polyme...
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  2. Gas Washing Bottles products
    Gas Washing Bottles
    Gas washing bottles are commonly used to dissolve gasses in a liquid or remove a gaseous by-product of a rea...
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  3. General purpose bottles and Jars products
    General purpose bottles and Jars
    DWK Life Sciences general purpose bottles and jars come in all shapes and sizes. Azlon® and WHEATON® ...
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  4. Media & Lab Bottles products
    Media & Lab Bottles
    Although specifically designed for the mixing and storage of cell culture media, Pyrex® Media-Lab bottle...
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  5. Dropping Bottles products
    Dropping Bottles
    WHEATON® and MBL® dropping bottles have excellent chemical resistance making them ideal for biotech,...
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  6. Reagent Bottles products
    Reagent Bottles
    DWK Life Sciences is able to supply a range of different styles of reagent bottles manufactured from borosil...
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  7. Roller Bottles products
    Roller Bottles
    Pyrex®and WHEATON® roller bottles are manufactured from glass tubing specially selected for its opti...
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  8. Serum Bottles products
    Serum Bottles
    WHEATON® Serum Bottles are excellent for lyophilisation and vaccine / injectable primary packaging solut...
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  9. Wash bottles products
    Wash bottles
    The Azlon® wash bottle range is manufactured from high quality LDPE, allowing maximum flexibility whilst...
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The benefits of using our bottles

Our bottles are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure strength, rigidity and usability. Choose from borosilicate or soda lime glass and range of plastic ploymers depending on your application and the level of chemical resistance you need

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