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  1. WHEATON® Serum Bottles, Glass
    WHEATON® Serum Bottles, Glass
    When exceptional wall strength is required WHEATON® glass serum bottles are excellent for your applicatio...
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  2. WHEATON® Serum Bottles, PP
    WHEATON® Serum Bottles, PP
    WHEATON® polypropylene serum bottles are a brilliant alternative to glass and due to the material are eas...
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  3. WHEATON® Serum Bottles, HDPE
    WHEATON® Serum Bottles, HDPE
    Used as a non-breakable alternative to glass, WHEATON® HDPE serum bottles are an excellent choice for vet...
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  4. WHEATON®Serum Bottle PVC Dropper Tip
    WHEATON®Serum Bottle PVC Dropper Tip
    The WHEATON® dropper tip is made from PVC with a white polypropylene overcap to protect contents
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The benefits of our moulded Serum Bottles

WHEATON®Serum Bottles are designed to protect your product during the freeze drying process, storage, shipment and final use. The design and material are critical in providing a functional container through the temperature changes, maintaining an effective seal. Available in both clear and amber glass for light sensitive products.

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