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  1. Barcodes & Scanners products
    Barcodes & Scanners
    The different needs of laboratories vary from educational settings to commercial, with any number of fields ...
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  2. Chromatography Columns products
    Chromatography Columns
    Available either with or without a Rotaflo® PTFE stopcock, Quickfit® chromatography columns offer a ...
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  3. Desiccators products
    Our wide range of desiccators are available in both Pyrex® borosilicate glass and Azlon® plastic. He...
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  4. Measuring Instruments products
  5. Pumps products
    Choose from our range of peristaltic, barrel and filter pumps.
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  6. Safety products
    Our concise safety range has all the essentials you need to maintain safety in the lab, from safety shields ...
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  7. Stirring Equipment products
    Stirring Equipment
    From simple glass stirring rods to magnetic stirrer equipment, the DWK Life Sciences range contains a large ...
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  8. Stopcocks and Keys products
    Stopcocks and Keys
    With designs that are proven to give exceptional performance, DWK Life Sciences offers an impressive selecti...
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The Diverse World of Equipment and Tools

From WHEATON®roller racks and incubators to Lipsol® detergent, ACT®electronic crimpers to Pyrex®desiccators, Unispense®peristaltic pumps to Rotaflo® stopcocks to name some, you can be assured of the very best equipment for your life science needs.

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