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  1. Erlenmeyer Flasks products
    Erlenmeyer Flasks
    Also known as a conical or titration flask, the Erlenmeyer flask is named after the German chemist Emil Erle...
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  2. Volumetric Flasks products
    Volumetric Flasks
    Tested and calibrated at DWK Life Sciences ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory located at the co...
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  3. Boiling Flasks products
    Boiling Flasks
    Although designated as boiling flasks, Pyrex® and Quickfit® round bottom and flat bottom flasks can ...
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  4. Cell Culture Flasks products
    Cell Culture Flasks
    DWK Life Sciences is able to offer a range of glass and plastic flasks suitable for various cell culture app...
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  5. Buchner Filter Flasks products
    Buchner Filter Flasks
    Named after the industrial chemist Ernst Büchner, these filter flasks are also known as vacuum flasks, suct...
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  6. Kjeldahl Flasks products
    Kjeldahl Flasks
    The Kjeldahl flask is used in apparatus for the determination of nitrogen by the Kjeldahl method, which was ...
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  7. Iodine Flasks products
    Iodine Flasks
    Used in iodine determination tests, these Quickfit® flasks have a cup shaped top and ground glass socket...
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  8. Distillation Flasks products
    Distillation Flasks
    Pyrex® 125ml and 250ml distillation flasks are suitable for the distillation of petroleum products and c...
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If you need a flask for your application, you have come to the right place. DWK Life Sciences is able to offer one of the biggest selections of flasks available from any manufacturer. The DWK range comprises boiling and extraction flasks, culture flasks, reaction vessels, measuring flasks and many more. These flasks are available with plain necks, ground glass sockets and screw threads. With capacities from 5ml to 20Litres, we are able to supply a flask with the capacity that is just right for your application. We can supply an extensive range of flasks with our world famous brands Pyrex®,MBL®, Quickfit® and WHEATON® all manufactured to the highest quality standards.

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