Distillation Flasks
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  1. Pyrex® Flasks, distillation, ASTM
    Pyrex® Flasks, distillation, ASTM
    Complying to a number of ASTM standards and test methods for petroleum products, these Engler distillation fl...
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  2. Pyrex® Flasks, distillation
    Pyrex® Flasks, distillation
    This 500ml distillation flask is suitable for a range of general distillation work.
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The benefits of using our Distillation Flasks

Manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass, some of our Pyrex® distillation flasks comply with ASTM standards and are suitable for the distillation of petroleum products, whilst others are suitable for more general distillation work. All Pyrex® distillation flasks feature a side-arm that is inclined at 75o to the vertical axis and is designed for use with thermometers calibrated for 76mm immersion. In addition to complying with ASTM E133 and E1405, our 125ml and 250ml distillation flasks also comply with a number of separate ASTM test methods (please refer to the product page for a full list).

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