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  1. Filter funnels products
    Filter funnels
    Our filter funnels are available in both Pyrex® borosilicate glass and plastic with extra features like ...
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  2. Dropping & Separating Funnels products
    Dropping & Separating Funnels
    SciLabware is able to supply a wide range of separating and dropping funnels from its Pyrex® and Quickfi...
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  3. Buchner Funnels products
    Buchner Funnels
    SciLabware Büchner funnels feature all borosilicate glass construction for a superior performance over trad...
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The benefits of using our funnels

SciLabware funnels are available in lightweight, food safe plastics for food contact applications and Pyrex® borosilicate glass for superior chemical resistance. To prevent airlocks and increase your filtration rate why not choose from our ribbed range?

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