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    Quickfit® and Wheaton® organic chemistry sets are designed to cover the requirements of practical chemistr...
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    Quickfit® adapters are the safe and secure choice to connect your jointed glassware components.
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  4. Apparatus products
    DWK Life Sciences offer a range of convenient apparatus sets that comprise all of the glassware you need to ...
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    Quickfit® pioneered the development of ground glass joints in the 1930’s. With over 80 years of experi...
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    Jointed Flasks
    The Quickfit® flask range is the largest single product group in the Quickfit® portfolio and compris...
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    Flat Flange Products
    DWK Life Sciences offer a range of large capacity wide neck reaction and culture vessels with capacities up ...
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    Fractionating Columns
    Whether you choose a plain, Vigreux or Dufton fractionating column, we have the right column for your applic...
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    Whether you are looking for a condenser for distillation or reflux applications, we can supply a condenser t...
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    Stillheads & Bubblers
    DWK Life Sciences supplies a wide range of still head adapters and bubblers.
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  11. Stirrers products
    DWK Life Sciences can provide an extensive range of glass overhead stirrer components for use with Quickfit& ...
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  12. Drying Tubes products
    Drying Tubes
    Drying tubes are used to protect moisture sensitive reactions from the atmosphere whilst permitting the syst...
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  13. Quickfit Plus Joints products
    Quickfit Plus Joints
    New Quickfit Plus® Secure Joints are an evolution in the development of jointed glassware. In addition t...
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Over 80 years of Jointed Glassware

Although Quickfit®is probably the best known jointed glassware brand available from DWK Life Sciences, we are pleased to be able to offer a wide variety of different joint types from our extensive glassware portfolio. The Quickfit® range comprises of around 1000 individual products commonly used in organic chemistry that feature some form of interchangeable joint. Most Quickfit®products feature a ground glass conical joint, which comprises of a (male) cone and (female) socket. In addition to conical joints, the Quickfit® range also includes items with spherical joints, flange (butt) joints and screwthread joints. Most Quickfit®conical glass joints are manufactured to comply with European ‘B’ length joint dimensions, as defined in ISO 383. The versatile SVL® range comprises of borosilicate glass and plastic components with a screwthread connection that can be joined together to allow the assembly of different types of joints and seals, including butt joints, sliding joints and closure seals. The WHEATON® range also includes a number of glass products that feature either a screwthread or conical joint. Wheaton® Clear-SealTM smooth unground conical joints are manufactured to American Standard Taper dimensions and are interchangeable with other American size conical ground joints. The WHAEATON® Connection®screwthread system links two exterior threaded glass components without the need for clamps, hooks and springs.

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