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  1. Quickfit® Plain air/steam inlet tube, drawn to jet
    Quickfit® Plain air/steam inlet tube, drawn to jet
    This plain glass tube can used in conjunction with a Quickfit® cone/screwthread adapter as an air/steam inle...
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  2. Quickfit® Adapters, tubing, straight
    Quickfit® Adapters, tubing, straight
    These straight tubing adapters feature a ground conical socket joint and a detachable plastic screwthread con...
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  3. Quickfit® Adapters, tubing, right angle
    Quickfit® Adapters, tubing, right angle
    This right angled adapter allows the connection of flexible laboratory tubing to a jointed glassware assembly...
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  4. SVL® Adapter cone/screwthread
    SVL® Adapter cone/screwthread
    These glass adapters feature an SVL® screwthread joint on one end and a ground glass cone joint on the ot...
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  5. SVL® Adapter socket/screwthread
    SVL® Adapter socket/screwthread
    Featuring an SVL® screwthread on one end and a ground glass socket joint on the other, these adapters all...
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  6. Quickfit® Cone/Screwthread adapter
    Quickfit® Cone/Screwthread adapter
    Use these adapters with a ground cone and screwthread connection to connect thermometers and inlet tubes to y...
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  7. Quickfit® Adapters, expansion
    Quickfit® Adapters, expansion
    Conical jointed glassware can only be properly connected to other glassware with the same joint size.
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  8. Quickfit® Adapters, Reduction
    Quickfit® Adapters, Reduction
    Reduction adapters are used in the same way as an expansion adapter, to connect two items of glassware with d...
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  9. Quickfit® Adapters, multiple, with two parallel necks
    Quickfit® Adapters, multiple, with two parallel necks
    Ideal for use in distillation assemblies, these adapters feature two parallel sockets with a bottom cone.
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  10. Quickfit® Adapters, Multiple with two necks
    Quickfit® Adapters, Multiple with two necks
    Similar to a multiple adapter with two parallel necks, this two neck adapter has one vertical socket and one ...
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  11. Quickfit® Adapters, multiple with three necks
    Quickfit® Adapters, multiple with three necks
    Combining the features of similar two neck adapters, this three neck adapter has two parallel necks and one a...
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  12. Quickfit® Adapters, swan neck
    Quickfit® Adapters, swan neck
    This adapter combines two different joint types as it features both a ground glass socket and screwthread con...
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DWK Life Sciences offer an extensive range of adapters in the Quickfit® range, that allow the construction of a wide variety of assemblies for organic chemistry applications. These adapters are a simple, safe and secure alternative to using rubber bungs and glass and rubber tubing to connect pieces of glassware together. Manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass, Quickfit® adapters are highly resistant to chemical attack and are suitable to be used over a wide temperature range. The Quickfit® adapter range includes reduction and expansion adapters, stopcock adapters, multiple neck adapters, straight and bent receivers and many more. The accuracy and super-fine surface finish of Quickfit® ground glass joints ensures that the adapter joints provide an exceptionally good seal resulting in joints that are leak-free and are gas and vacuum tight. Quickfit® adapters are available in a range of different joint sizes allowing you to choose the right joint size to fit your glassware.

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