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  1. Quickfit® Arsenic Determination Apparatus
    Quickfit® Arsenic Determination Apparatus
    This Quickfit® apparatus comprises an absorption tube and 100ml Erlenmeyer flask, and is designed for the...
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  2. Quickfit® Extractor, Soxhlet
    Quickfit® Extractor, Soxhlet
    Invented by Franz von Soxhlet in 1879, the Soxhlet extractor is used to extract soluble components from a sol...
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  3. Quickfit® Extractors, Soxhlet, large capacity
    Quickfit® Extractors, Soxhlet, large capacity
    These large capacity extractors have a flat flange top joint to permit the introduction of large samples into...
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  4. Quickfit® Lids for large capacity Soxhlet extractors
    Quickfit® Lids for large capacity Soxhlet extractors
    These single socket flange lids are for use with Quickfit® large capacity Soxhlet extractors.
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  5. Quickfit® Plain body extractors
    Quickfit® Plain body extractors
    A different design to the Soxhlet extractors, this plain extractor allow the solvent vapour to directly perme...
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  6. Quickfit® Extractors, spiral support
    Quickfit® Extractors, spiral support
    Designed to be used with Quickfit® Soxhlet and plain extractors, these glass spirals can be used to eithe...
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  7. Quickfit® Extractors, Soxhlet, complete assemblies
    Quickfit® Extractors, Soxhlet, complete assemblies
    These complete Soxhlet extraction assemblies comprise all the glass components necessary to perform a solid-l...
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  8. Pyrex® Glass extraction thimbles
    Pyrex® Glass extraction thimbles
    More durable than paper thimbles, these Pyrex® glass thimbles are highly resistant to chemical attack.
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For many years, DWK Life Sciences has supplied a number of complete Quickfit® glassware assemblies that comprise all the glassware components required to perform a specific analytical experiment. These apparatus sets include Soxhlet extraction assemblies, arsenic determination apparatus and nitrogen determination apparatus. All of the glass components are manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass and feature interchangeable ground glass joints. We are also able to offer a similar range of apparatus sets in our Wheaton® product range. The Wheaton® Soxhlet extraction assemblies, arsenic generators and cyanide distillation kit all use American Standard Taper ground glass joints and comply with ASTM standards, where applicable. All of the glass components are available separately, should any component need to be replaced. These assemblies are a convenient and simple way for scientists to purchase the correct glassware components for the experiment they wish to perform.

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