Drying Tubes
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  1. Quickfit® Drying tube, angled
    Quickfit® Drying tube, angled
    Drying tubes are used to protect moisture sensitive reactions from the atmosphere whilst permitting the syste...
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  2. Quickfit® Drying tube, 'U' shaped
    Quickfit® Drying tube, 'U' shaped
    This ‘U’ shaped drying tube has two 19/26 ground socket joints to accept Quickfit® stopcock/tubing ad...
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The benefits of using our Quickfit® Drying Tubes

Manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass, Quickfit® drying tubes are available in two designs – angled and ‘U’ shaped. For use with a desiccant such as calcium chloride, both of these drying tubes feature a ground glass joint. The ‘U’ shape drying tube has two 19/26 ground sockets to accept a stopcock/tubing adapter, etc. with a compatible joint size, whilst the angled pattern drying tube is available with a variety of cone sizes.

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