Stillheads & Bubblers
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  1. Quickfit® Reaction vessel bubbler
    Quickfit® Reaction vessel bubbler
    Designed to exclude the atmosphere from a reaction or system, these 5ml oil bubblers are available with three...
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  2. Quickfit® Reaction vessel bubbler, with gas inlet
    Quickfit® Reaction vessel bubbler, with gas inlet
    Similar to the standard Quickfit® reaction vessel bubbler, these oil bubblers have a gas inlet tube to al...
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  3. Pyrex® Mini gas bubbler
    Pyrex® Mini gas bubbler
    A gas bubbler acts as a one-way valve, where gases from the inlet will bubble through the fluid before being ...
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The benefits of using our Quickfit® Still Heads and Bubblers

Manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass, which is highly resistant to chemical attack and is suitable for use over a wide temperature range, Quickfit® still heads and bubblers are ideal for use in a range of organic chemistry distillation assemblies. All still heads feature ground glass socket and cone joints which allow their connection to other Quickfit® jointed glassware products such as condensers, flasks, dropping funnels, etc. with a compatible joint size. All reaction bubblers, which are ideal for closing the reaction mixture from the atmosphere, are approximately 5ml capacity. The mini gas bubbler we supply has a 2ml capacity.

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