Liquid & Sample Handling
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  1. Sample Handling Devices products
    Sample Handling Devices
    Every laboratory needs devices for sample handling, and racks for storing. DWK Life Sciences offer many pro...
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  2. Connectors products
    Our Azlon® connectors are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and diameter options to ensure you can...
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  3. Liquid Handling Devices products
    Liquid Handling Devices
    Our liquid handling range has everything you need to ensure sample uniformity and data set accuracy. Includ...
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  4. Microscope Slides and Staining products
    Microscope Slides and Staining
    WHEATON® and Azlon® offer a variety of laboratory staining ware suitable for various histology stain...
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  5. Pasteur Pipettes products
    Pasteur Pipettes
    MBL® and Wheaton® pasteur pipettes are ideal for transferring and dispensing liquids safely, elimina...
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  6. Mortars and Pestles products
  7. Sintered Filters products
  8. Filtration Systems products
    Filtration Systems
    Suitable for a wide range of filtration applications, including the routine filtration of organic solvents, ...
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  9. Bags products
    The WHEATON®offering includes specimen bags designed for the safe transportation of samples and document...
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  10. Pipette Tips products
    Pipette Tips
    Designed for use with single or multi-channel pipettors, pipette tips are regularly used in laboratories glo...
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  11. Plastic Serological Pipettes products
    Plastic Serological Pipettes
    WHEATON® serological pipettes provide today’s cell culture scientist with the performance required to suc...
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The features and benefits of our range

The DWK Life Sciences liquid and sampling handling range includes many diverse products. These include filtration related products such a Pyrex® sintered filter discs, Pyrex® and WHEATON® 25mm and 47mm membrane filtration assemblies and Pyrex® Gooch crucibles. Liquid handling products include the Azlon®Bibbette® Pipette Controller and Ramboldi® and NeptuneTM pipette tips. Other important products in this range include Wheaton® tissue grinders, Azlon® measuring scoops, WHEATON® weighing boats and Azlon® connectors.

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