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  1. Ampoules products
    WHEATON® ampoules are all made from quality glass that can be hermetically sealed to ensure the purity o...
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  2. Cryogenic Vials products
    Cryogenic Vials
    For the storage of irreplaceable samples, WHEATON® offer the CryoELITE range of cryogenic vials and tiss...
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  3. Diagnostic Vials products
    Diagnostic Vials
    WHEATON® screw neck diagnostic vials are manufactured from high quality clear and amber tubular glass. ...
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  4. High Recovery Vials products
    High Recovery Vials
    WHEATON® offer innovative high-recovery vials for comprehensive collection, automated handling and stora...
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  5. Sample Vials products
    Sample Vials
    WHEATON® sample vials are packaged in partioned trays that provide an easy way to inventory samples or s...
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  6. Scintillation Vials products
    Scintillation Vials
    Liquid scintillation counting is the measurement of activity of a sample of radioactive material. Made of l...
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  7. Vial Racks & Files products
  8. Serum Vials products
    Serum Vials
    WHEATON® Serum vials are excellent for lyophilisation and vaccine / injectable primary packaging soluti...
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  9. Dram Vials products
    Dram Vials
    Manufactured from clear type 1B neutral glass WHEATON® dram vials are suitable for storage, display and ...
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  10. COMPLETEPAK products
    WHEATON® COMPLETEPAK is a range of tubular glass serum vials, rubber stoppers and seals supplied ready-t...
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  11. Snap / Clip Top Vials products
    Snap / Clip Top Vials
    This comprehensive range of tubular glass vials are made from high quality Type 1B clear neutral glass. The ...
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  12. Snap  products

Premium Services and Custom Design for vials

Utilising DWK Life Sciences extensive manufacturing and development capabilities, our flexible product offering includes bespoke custom design coupled with premium services, including bar coding and tare weighing, depyrogenation surface treatments to name a few.

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