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    A range of tubular glass serum vials, stoppers and seals supplied ready-to-use in one complete kit, certified...
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  2. WHEATON® COMPLETEPAK Sterile Components
    WHEATON® COMPLETEPAK Sterile Components
    A range of tubular glass serum vials, rubber stoppers and seals supplied ready-to-use, certified to European ...
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The key benefits of COMPLETEPAK

WHEATON® COMPLETEPAK is easy, efficient and cost saving. A full primary packaging solution of serum vials, stopper and seals supplied in one ready-to-use kit complete with specific compliant European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) certification. The full solution enables customers to reduce both their supply chain and ordering process, and therefore improve lead times. By removing the need for processing of the components ready for use, investment and maintenance in capital equipment for this process previously done in house is no longer required. The WHEATON® COMPLETEPAK range is a full primary packaging solution that allows customers to focus on their core competencies in valuable research and drug development work.

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