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Quickfit® pioneered the concept of interchangeable ground glass joints in 1934. Find out why it still remains the market leader…

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The origins of a world famous brand

Quickfit® ground glass joints were first developed in 1934 by a British company, Triplex Safety Glass Company as an alternative to scientists using rubber bungs and glass and rubber tubing to connect pieces of glassware. Following the Second World War, Triplex established a new company, Quickfit and Quartz Limited, to produce the new Quickfit® jointed laboratory glassware in Stone, Staffordshire as demand for this jointed glassware increased.

In 1958, Quickfit and Quartz Limited were acquired by James A. Jobling & Co. Ltd. (the U.K. manufacturers of Pyrex® laboratory glassware). In 1973 James A. Jobling and Co. Ltd. was acquired by Corning Inc. and became part of Corning’s European Laboratory Division. The company changed ownership and company name a number of times over the subsequent years, becoming DWK Life Sciences Limited in 2008, following the break-up of Barloworld Scientific Ltd.

Today, Quickfit® jointed glassware is manufactured at DWK Life Sciences’s production facility in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire along with glass products from other DWK Life Sciences brands, such as Pyrex®, MBL®, SVL® and Wheaton®.

All Quickfit® glass items are exclusively manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass which has a very low coefficient of expansion, making it ideal for use over a wide temperature range. Pyrex® glass is also highly resistant to chemical attack and can be used with most acids, alkalis and organic solvents.

Quickfit® interchangeable conical joints are made to an accuracy that surpasses the requirements of ISO 383 & DIN 12242. A two stage grinding process ensures that the joints have a precision 1:10 taper and super-fine surface finish, resulting in joints that have an exceptionally good seal with a greatly reduced risk of joint seizure. The excellent surface finish also ensures that the joint will not leak and will be gas and vacuum tight.

Unlike the joints available from other manufacturers, Quickfit® sockets feature a rounded rim profile. This round design gives extra strength to the joint and is less prone to chipping than a square rim profile.

Want to know what makes Quickfit® the number one choice for jointed glassware? Read our Quickfit® Features and Benefits Guide here. 

The Quickfit® jointed glass range

The Quickfit® ranges comprises of around 1000 individual products that can be combined together to construct an extensive range of assemblies. Please see the full range of Quickfit® jointed glassware we offer below…

What type of glass joint do you need?

A number of different joint types are available in the Quickfit® range, including conical joints, spherical joints, flange (butt) joints and screwthread joints. Conical joints are the most common type of ground glass joint and comprise a (male) cone and (female) socket.

Most Quickfit® conical glass joints are manufactured to comply with European ‘B’ length joint dimensions, as defined in ISO 383. DWK Life Sciences is able to supply many Quickfit® products in a range of joint sizes from 5/13 to 60/64.

Whatever the scientific requirement, from the construction of a simple reflux assembly to a complex fractionation apparatus, there is a choice of Quickfit® products available to meet that need. Quickfit® offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of jointed glassware available, all manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass.

"We use hundreds of Quickfit jointed glass products in our undergraduate and research laboratories, they are an essential part of our work here."

Dyson Perrins Laboratory University of Oxford

Glass products in use

Glass Case Study

Glass Case Study

DWK Life Sciences Technician Workshops – How to maximise the performance of your glassware

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