Manual reflux dividing head

Suitable for use under a vacuum, these manual reflux dividers have an integral jacketed condenser. Adjusting the stopcock controls the proportion of liquid returned to the fractionating column or collected.

  • Fits on the top of a fractionating column to provide an effective liquid dividing head
  • With integral jacketed condenser
  • Liquid leaving condenser is directed towards a GP Rotaflo® stopcock
  • Adjustment of stopcock controls proportion of liquid returned to the column or collected
  • Screwcap fitting for insertion of thermometer
  • Side-arm for venting or connection to vacuum supply

Product Specification

Grouped product items
Item Code Cone size to fit column Condenser surface area Cone size to fit receiver Stopcock bore mm Screwthread size mm Pack quantity
SH30/42/SC 29/32 4.0 19/26 3.0 13 1

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