Organic chemistry using milligram quantities of chemicals

Designed to save money on the costs of chemicals and reagents, this microscale organic chemistry set comprises 13 glass and plastic components.

  • Designed for organic chemistry experiments using milligram quantities of reagents
  • Comprises 12 items of glassware that all feature 14/10 joint sizes for complete interchangeability
  • All components utilise a combination of standard Quickfit® ground glass joints together with screwthread couplings, sealing 'O' rings and plastic screw caps
  • The screwthread connection system eliminates the requirement for grease, saves on space, using clamps and vastly reduces the danger of glassware becoming loose during reactions
  • Allows the construction of many assemblies including reflux, distillation, moisture sensitive reactions and fractional distillation
  • Housed in a sturdy Gratnells tray with protective foam insert
  • Complete kit comprises:
  • ML/C2 Air condenser
  • ML/C1 Jacketed condenser
  • ML/MF23 Drying tube
  • ML/SH4 Stillhead
  • ML/ST Thermometer adapter
  • ML/RA3 Receiver
  • ML/FE10 Erlenmeyer flask 10ml
  • ML/FE25 Erlenmeyer flask 25ml
  • ML/FR10 Round bottom flask 10ml
  • ML/FR25 Round bottom flask 25ml
  • ML/FP10 Pear shape flask 10ml
  • ML/FP25 Pear shape flask 25ml
  • Bag of spare screwcaps, 'O' rings & sealing discs

Product Specification

Grouped product items
Item Code Description Pack quantity
ML1 Complete set comprising 12 items of glassware 1

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