Markham Still

Used for volatile fatty acid tests, this apparatus allows a large number of distillations to be carried out in rapid succession.

  • Complies with BS1428: Part B2
  • Enables a large number of distillations to be carried out in rapid succession
  • Comprises Markham still body, Liebig condenser and connecting joint clip
  • Still has evaporator vessel enclosed in a steam jacket
  • When connected to a suitable steam supply the steam passes through the sample to promote distillation
  • When steam supply is shut off the apparatus automatically sucks back any residue in the vessel thus preparing itself for the next determination
  • Complete assembly comprises:
  • MC46/SC Markham still body
  • FC16B Markham still body plug
  • JC19 Metal spherical joint clip
  • MC1/F19/SC Liebig condenser

Product Specification

Grouped product items
Item Code Description Pack quantity
46MC Complete assembly 1

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