SVL® The versatile screwthread connecting system

SVL® comprises a range of glass and plastic components that combine to create a unique and versatile connection system.

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The origins of SVL®

Originally established in France as a joint venture between Saint Gobain and Corning Glass Works, Société des Verreries Industrielles Réunies du Loing (SOVIREL) grew significantly during the 1960’s and 70’s to become a large French based manufacturer of specialised glass products for ophthalmics, optics, electronics, chemicals and laboratory research. In the early 1970’s, SOVIREL’s patented SVL® screwthread connecting system range was acquired by Corning’s European Laboratory Division. Like the other famous glass brands, Pyrex® and Quickfit®, SVL® became part of the DWK Life Sciences laboratory glass portfolio in 2008 when DWK Life Sciences Limited was created following the break-up of Barloworld Scientific Ltd.

The versatile SVL® range comprises of a number of borosilicate glass and plastic components that can be combined together to allow the assembly of three different types of joints and seals.

A rigid butt joint can be made using two screw threaded borosilicate glass tubes of the same diameter. They are connected via a special plastic coupling fitted with a sealing ring. The coupling is independently threaded on both sides to allow the desired alignment of the apparatus.

A sliding joint utilises a plastic screwcap with an aperture in the top for fittings to pass through. The smaller diameter glass tube is secured in position by compression of a sealing ring inside the screwcap. All fittings are readily adjustable and the position of the smaller diameter glass tube can be altered quickly and easily by slackening the screwcap.

A closure seal utilises a PBT screwcap with a PTFE faced rubber insert. When screwed down onto the glass thread, it provides a closure which is highly resistant to chemical attack.

More on the SVL® range

The SVL® range includes various borosilicate glass and plastic components. These include glass screwthreads, butt joint couplings, sliding joint screwcaps, adapters, stopcocks, reaction vessels and glass stirrer parts. Please see the full range of SVL® products listed below.

SVL® - A unique screwthread connection system

All of the SVL® glass screwthreads and plastic screwcaps utilise the unique SVL® thread sizes, ranging from 15mm to 42mm. With SVL®, no lubrication of the joints is required as only borosilicate glass and PTFE comes into contact with the chemicals being used. This ensures that SVL® connections are grease-free and provide a corrosion-resistant pathway.

SVL® screwcaps and couplings are manufactured from either PBT or phenolic plastic and can be used at temperatures up to 180°C. All sealing rings and inserts are faced with PTFE to ensure maximum chemical resistance.

"We use hundreds of Quickfit jointed glass products in our undergraduate and research laboratories, they are an essential part of our work here."

Dyson Perrins Laboratory University of Oxford

Glass products in use

Glass Case Study

Glass Case Study

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