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See how DWK Life Sciences can help you to improve your knowledge and understanding of the features and benefits of glass and plastic laboratory ware

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Purpose of the workshops

DWK Life Sciences has been supporting science education for more than 100 years through the use of our leading brands of laboratory glassware and plastic ware in schools and colleges around the world.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the education sector, DWK Life Sciences is pleased to organise a series of workshops designed to assist school and college laboratory technicians gain a better understanding of how they can maximise the performance, safety and longevity of these products.

We will provide information, insights and practical tips on how to make the most of your glass and plastic laboratory ware, as well as ‘hands-on’ experience of current science curriculum experiments.

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Topics covered could include:

  • ‘Hands-on’ science experiments relating to the GCSE and A level school curriculum.
  • The difference between Class A and Class B - Understanding the accuracy and features of volumetric glassware and plastic ware.
  • Quality counts – understanding why not all glassware is the same
  • How to separate seized jointed glassware.
  • Not all plastics are the same – The chemical resistance characteristics of different types of plastics.
  • How Quickfit® joints are manufactured to offer maximum safety.

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