Cones with a longer tip

A range of Quickfit Plus® ground glass cone joints that can be used by glassblowers in the manufacture of bespoke glassware assemblies or for repairing damaged apparatus.

  • Manufactured from chemically and heat resistant 3.3 expansion borosilicate glass.
  • The long joint tip allows the cone to be joined to glass tubing, useful in the construction of stirrer guides, air/steam inlet tubes, thermometer pockets, etc.
  • The raised rim on the shank of the joint helps in the separation of the cone from the socket joint.
  • Joint surface finish ground to an accuracy complying with ISO 383.
  • Joints are unbadged so can be easily cut and melted without damaging any existing branding.

Spécification de produits

Rubriques de produits groupés
Produit Code Epaisseur paroi (mm) Rodage mâle CN Diam. ext. tube (mm) Longueur totale (mm) Cdt
QP/CBB19 1.8 19/26 17.0 145 10
QP/CBB29 2.0 29/32 26.0 145 10