Screwcap O-rings with superior chemical resistance

These Viton O-rings have a superior chemical resistance over the standard Nitrile O-rings for use in more demanding applications.

  • Viton O-rings are used with the aperture screwcaps to help seal the Quickfit Plus® cone and socket joint connection and prevent the escape of liquids, gas, vapour, etc. from the joint.
  • Superior resistance to a range of chemicals, acids, etc.

Spécification de produits

Rubriques de produits groupés
Produit Code For Use With Cdt
QP/VR14 Joint Size 14/23 10
QP/VR19 Joint Size 19/26 10
QP/VR24 Joint Size 24/29 10
QP/VR29 Joint Size 29/32 10
QP/VR34 Joint Size 34/35 10
QP/VR45 Joint Size 45/40 10